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British Pie Week…

Best week of the year? 

I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s pie creations this week. It’s so nice to see people thinking outside the box and also sticking to the old traditional English pies! 

I stuck to a family pie tradition (A Nana Classic) and can’t wait to share it with you. At every family event it’s without doubt that my Nana is asked to make this pie (she also makes extra pies so everyone can take home a doggy bag – that’s how good it is!). It’s so simple, rather easy and just heavenly… you’ll be going back for seconds let me tell you. 

Cheese, Tomato and Onion Pie… see I told you it was simple! It’s exactly what is says on the tin, finely sliced layers of tomato and onion encased in mouth watering melted cheese, oh and did I mention the pastry also contains cheese?! It’s fair to say if you don’t like cheese, I’m sorry this recipe isn’t for you. Although, you could be creative and use something different such as pesto. 

Next time you have an event, make this and I promise people will be demanding you make more! 

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