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Gousto…now you’re cooking!

Ok, so who’s heard of Gousto?

A few weeks back my mum thrust a leaflet under my nose asking for my opinion. After reading through the brightly coloured piece of paper I instantly wanted to find out more. On the internet I went and found out more about the world of Gousto…what a genius idea. Four meals – all the ingredients you need, delivered to your door in an insulated box on the day you request.

Straight away I ordered a box, I just had to try it out. I made sure my diary was pretty clear and I would definitely be available to eat the meals that week (that’s the only problem with having a hectic lifestyle – with products like this I cannot guarantee I will always be home to use the ingredients by their sell-by date).

Once entering your postcode and selecting your delivery date I was able to pick the meals and quantity (both persons eating and number of meals) I wanted…oh my gosh this was hard!!! So many of them sounds delicious my mouth was watering as I clicked the ‘add to my basket’ button!

Minimal days later my box arrived, neatly packaged and every item was labelled clearly in separate little pouches – oh another bonus point, all meat is sourced here in Britain – I love that. Also in the box we’re my chosen recipes with clear instructions and photos guiding me on each step of the process.

I cooked my first meal – Chicken Katsu Curry. (Yep, you read correctly, homemade Wagamama’s!!) The recipe card was easy to follow, every ingredient was measured out exactly in the packet provided so I had no faffing around with scales. A small amount of chopping but hey, that’s what makes you feel like a chef, right?!

Well the outcome was outstanding, flavours incredible and taste just out of this world. I felt like a full blown chef! I couldn’t wait for my next meal…I literally ran home the next evening!!!

Order your box today and I promise you won’t be disappointed, use code PROMO25 or follow this link for £25 off your first box – that’s basically equivalent to two meals free!!

Test it out and let me know your thoughts I’d love to see what you guys think!

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